Sleep Dealer High School Screening Great

Over 350 students from LA and ELA shighs schools made Sleep Dealer screening a success today at the Beaudry Theatre. The response from the young students was great. A great turn with Roosevelt, Lincoln, Wilson high schoos; Miguel Contreras Learning Complex, Edward Roybal Learning Center and El Sereno Middle School. With a filled the auditorium. Thanks to Sonia Rosario for a great motivational talk. Also great discussion and exchange by Carlos Montes, Laura Palomares and a great enthusiastic talk by Roberto Bravo. We had planned on this since January and our Community Grassroots Team did an excellent job. Our agenda was short and to the point, with sharp politics, with the emphasis on the film and the release for April 17. We even had middle schools students do a short talk and a poem. We are doing more screenings and presentations in the field in the next several weeks.

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